It's not often you find a KINDRED HEART in life, but I found that in my husband Tom 2 years ago. Who would have thought that he also shared my dream of hitting the road full-time in an RV, seeing God's beautiful and unique creations. (I think he's actually more obsessed with camping than I am...

We planned years from now to buy our first new-to-us RV. Then Tom saw a Roadtrek parked by the side of the road, a for sale sign propped up on the dashboard, so we HAD to look. No harm in looking right? It's strange how some things just "fall into place". Suddenly, the provisions to buy were there. (Blessings from above!) On February 14th, we bought "her" in a Cumberland Farms gas station, with the promise of Chinese food for the kids waiting (im)patiently in the mini van.

Our 5 kids are still at home so the full-time dream will have to wait. Why they don't share our excitement for cramped spaces, buzzing mosquitoes and spotty Wi-Fi, I don't know. Tom and I are still going to get out there when we can, where we can, and experience what we can. We're going to hitch up the skiff, throw in the fishing gear, pack up the camper and mosey down the road for some memorable times. Won't you join us virtually?

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