Thursday, May 5, 2016


Tom was finally able to find and purchase a hitch extender for our camper. Unfortunately, the standard hitch I had for my mini van was not long enough to clear the continental tire kit on the back of the camper. With the extender, he hitched the boat up to camper while I packed our food into the RV fridge, and we headed off. But, first, he had to work. 

I hung out in the camper, spending a quiet, comfortable morning crocheting, reading and decorating. It was rather peaceful and refreshing despite being in a PARKING LOT (and truth be told I'm looking forward to more of that downtime).

We watched his son's baseball game...

And then it was off to Cochnewagon Lake for an afternoon of fishing. Although the boat ride was enjoyable, it wasn't long before the wind picked up and bounced our little skiff around like a toy. There's nothing enjoyable about being tossed about in white caps! With the fish not biting as well, we ended our evening early and headed back to the dock. 

At the dock were 3 teenage boys, one in swim trucks. It turned out that he had lost a bet with the other boys and had to dive into the FRIGID lake water. We couldn't help but encourage him (and laugh along with them). It was a QUICK dip, but he did it!

We hitched the boat back up, and drove a few miles away to Cobbosseecontee Lake, our boondock spot for the night. We're not sure if it's an OFFICIAL boondocking spot, but there were no signs prohibiting overnight parking nor were we blocking business traffic or private residences. We were soon the only people there. What we didn't figure on was the rush of fisherman at 5:00am...

What our spot looked like as night came on:

What our spot looked like by 7:00am:

We decided to wait to eat breakfast and head out onto the water while the rain held off and the wind was calm. It was a successful fishing day! Tom caught a 3' long Pike and I caught a Smallmouth Bass. 

I took over the trolling motor and spent some time chasing down loons. Such interesting birds! Have you ever seen or heard them? (The 2nd video is NOT MINE, but you can hear what they sound like since they were silent in mine.)

While Tom hitched the boat back up and covered it over, I pulled out the ingredients for brunch, omelets, English muffins and fruit, and did some tidying up. Tom cooked breakfast (because he makes THE best omelets) and we had a nice meal together before going home. It wasn't long before the rain began.

Until next time...

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