Tuesday, March 29, 2016


When we realized that my husband's kids had never been to New Hampshire, we HAD to bring them to the White Mountain National Forest and North Conway, New Hampshire. (After seeing my photos of all the sweet treats at Zeb's General Store, I don't think the kids would have let us skip North Conway anyway!)

Our first stop? Albany Covered Bridge! We headed from Maine along Route 302 to Route 113 and finally to the Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountain National Forest. If you're going to visit New Hampshire, don't skip the Kanc! (For more information and a bit of history, click here.)

We then explored Lower Falls a little further along the Kanc. This happens to be one of my favorite spots, a place I've enjoyed with my kids many times and was excited to bring my step-kids. The forest service has done a lot of landscaping in recent years and I miss the more natural look of the area, but it's still a wonderful place to see the Swift River close up as it's flows over and around smooth boulders. (It's also perfect for active boys to climb rocks and get a little wet even in March.)

We ventured further on, stopping at Sabbaday Falls for a picnic in the camper and a slippery walk to the falls. (Although an easy walk, I'm not sure I would recommend it in early spring, in sneakers, with little traction. I should have put on my hiking boots...) The stairs around the falls were closed so the best vantage point to see them wasn't available, but further along the trail we were able to get a somewhat unobstructed view of the falls and enjoy some warm sun and rushing water.

Our last stop on the Kanc was Sugar Hill with vast views of the mountains. (If you want more extensive views of the mountains I would recommend driving most of the Kancamagus, especially at peak foliage season, but it was well into the afternoon and the kids were anxious to get to THE CANDY.)

North Conway was bustling with people out enjoying the low 50s and bright sunshine. We walked down to the Weather Discovery Center, but found it was closed. Instead, we went to The Cupcakery, a specialty cupcake shop that was on "Cupcake Wars" and picked up a couple of treats, and then to Zeb's for a few more treats before going to the park to throw a baseball around. (It's almost baseball season, so my step-son is super excited to play again.) 

With over an hour left to drive home, we decided it was time to head back. We must have tuckered out the kids because it wasn't long before they were snoozing in their seats. What wonderful memories for the kids' first trip to New Hampshire!

Until next time...


  1. So glad the kids could join you. Did they swim in the icy water? LOL

    1. No! LOL Even in the summer months the water is still icy cold! It's also prohibited to swim if the "water is rushing", and it was certainly "rushing". I've never seen anyone swimming there. Maybe some people wading in the calmer pools...My boys did once. Sam was soaked head-to-toe!

  2. Ohhh another great trip! So glad the kids went with you. I know they will be making memories that they will cherish some day.

    1. We hope for many, many more trips in the coming years!